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Bound to duty and community

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It is on a very futuristic note that we, Diamond Harbour District Police, have launched its website with an objective to evoke greater public response and participation of the citizens to take ahead our visions of policing. The quest for greater transparency and accountability to the community calls in for establishing better relationships with the public in whose service and protection we find our lasting responsibilty. Our unrelenting pursuit of excellence can be accomplished only through the firm cooperation of the people. This website as a medium of communication between the people and the police will aid in empowering the public to support us in sustaining ourself in the deliverance of effective and efficient service in all matters of interest and concern to the society. Thus forging an enduring bond for the security and well being of the society.Its with this firm resolve, I assure you that Diamond Harbour Police District will always be bound to duty and community.

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