Shri Anudyuti Majumder

The Diamond Harbour Police Station was established during British reign. This P.S. has a jurisdiction over 12 G.P.’s consisting of 152 villages in two blocks and the entire Diamond Harbour Municipality. The other PSs around Diamond Harbour are at Usthi, Kulpi, Falta, and Ramnagar. The river Ganga flows through the Western part of the place. On the opposite bank of the river Ganga is the East Midnapore District and the area falls under the jurisdiction of Sutahata P.S. There is one District Hospital namely Diamond Harbour Dist. Hospital. There is one Sub-divisional Court, one Civil Judge Court & three Fast Track Court’s in the P.S. area. Four Railway Stations- Diamond Harbour, Gurudas Nagar, Basuldanga, and Natra- fall within this P.S. jurisdiction. Total area of the Police Station is 134 Sq.Km. The total population of the P.S. area as per the 2011 census is 276129 of which 66 % are Hindu and 34 % are Muslim. There is regular vessel movement through the river. The major occupations of the people are fisheries and agriculture. The Indian Navy has established a camp under the PS jurisdiction.

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