Falta PS


Falta PS is one of the oldest Police stations of this District. As per available records the PS Building was constructed during the year 1906. The Falta Police station situated on the banks of Bhagirathi carry the mark of history of Bengal. The total land area of PS is 135.58 sq km. The PS works under the supervision of DSP Falta. There are 13 gram panchayats and one development block i.e Falta Block under the jurisdiction of the PS. The PS is surrounded by Nodakhali PS, Bishnupur PS, Usthi PS, Diamond Harbour PS & Ramnagar PS. The total population of PS is 2,49,563 (Male- 1,27,665, Female – 1,21,896 & Others – 2).There are about 65% Hindus and 35% Muslims. The Falta Special Economic Zone falls under the jurisdiction of this PS. There are many industries functioning in the area. The main source of income for the public is industrial labour, agriculture and fisheries.

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